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The benefits of extracurricular activities 

D.I.G this amazing program and organization are needed and wanted.

 Findings by Georgia State University Professor of social work Lionel Scott, suggest students in foster care children who participate in extracurricular activities increase their likelihood of graduating from high school with a diploma by age 19.

These youth reported better grades and greater educational aspirations when they participated in activities outside of the core classroom curriculum.

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Teacher and Pupil

Build Confidence.

Build Self- Esteem

Child in Air Yoga
Child Learning Numbers at School

Self - Love

The Arts

Exposure to the arts plays a great essential role in FORMER foster youths' development and exploratory education.  By participating in artistic activities youth can experience dramatic improvements in their self-esteem, enhance their short and long-term memory and learn and manage stress in a healthy way.

Fall Sports

Participation in sports can be especially rewarding for FORMER foster youth.  It's a way for youth to make friends, and improve their physical, Emotional, and mental health while also developing important life-long skills.

  • Develop character-Physically challenging sports teach players to persevere through difficult times and appreciate the value of a strong work ethic. 

  • Build confidence-Being well respected by peers in school and the community this esteem inspires pride in their accomplishments as team members.

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